The Journey Begins..

Hey Everyone!

My name is Brooke just like the stream just with an “e” (:

As your reading this, you are probably thinking “So Brooke what made you want to start a blog?” Now, I will be sharing with you guys the answer! :

I was in my final semester at college, and my first thought that was going through my mind “What do I wanna do after college?” I was attending community college during the time, my two options were (in my head) go off to a four year college to complete my bachelors degree or get a full-time job just to do something. But, I didn’t want to go to a college if I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do, and why would I get a full-time job just to get money and not enjoy it, that just time wasting.

So here what sparked my interest in blogging (the good stuff) :

Ive always had a passion for writing, but I had no idea if I wanted to write stories or poetry so I was very undecided on what I wanted to do with writing but no clue on how to start it, the struggle was very real. One day it had hit me, (not really but you know what I mean) I was scrolling through Instagram and a profile popped up and the profile was about a blog! and I thought that is it!! I wanna do blogging! But, I was so worried “How will I start the blog? Will people think this is dumb? Oh my god how many grammar errors will people point out?” The struggle was real.

Ive always admired people on Instagram taking pictures and showing what they truly loved doing, and I wanted to do that as well but I was always nervous and scared of what people would think about me and my negative thoughts got the best of me and I didn’t do anything about it and just daydreamed about the thought. But, one day I said, you know what I want to do something that makes me happy and decided to take the first steps into making a blog.

So Brooke what is the blog going to be all about? ? ?

Good Question ! My aim for this blog is about helping yourself/ bettering yourself if you’re having a bad day, confused about what you wanna do in life, taking little trips, and talk about my own experiences and how I have slowly gotten through my bad times and tried to make a good outcome out of my bad experiences. That is why I believe in Serendipity and why I named my blog ” A little bit of Serendipity” because, when we have a bad day or if we going through a bad time we think we will not get out of it, but theirs always happy accidents and finding good things in life without looking for it and at the end of the tunnel (clique I know) there is always a light and in the end everything will be better! (:

Well im kind of excited to start this new experience in my life, and hope to make a difference by my writing and influence others to go out and experience life and not worrying what others are doing, we are all on our own path in life and in the end we will all make it and be our best self, Thank you guys for reading this first post! Hopefully you guys didn’t notice all the grammatically errors (all my English teachers are probably cringing as we speak) but anyways, lets leave on a positive note! Can’t wait to post more !


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