Sometimes we have to jump out of our skin… Literally.

Hey Guys!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, Ive been crazy busy. A couple of days ago I was deciding what to post… My dad wanted to do something creative with me (creative minds think alike) So we came up with this idea, (The video above will show what I am talking about) Sometimes we go through our day afraid to “jump out” of our own skin. We don’t take chances or we are too involved in our routine we don’t start something new or mix it up. I notice this in my personal life, sometimes I don’t wanna take a chance or a leap into something new I get scared and insecure. When we decide to let go of our insecurities, it is honestly the best feeling in the world. Anyways thank for reading this post I know its super short but I wanted to write something because I haven’t written in a while! Thanks for reading guys !!


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