Be Grateful Today 💜

Hi Everyone ! Happy 2020, it’s been a crazy a couple of weeks while entering the new decade. I was going to write a blog post about my new resolutions and goals I wanted to achieve this year, but hearing the sad passing about Kobe Bryant and his daughter made me think hard about how we should be grateful and blessed everyday. Recently I’ve been struggling with low self esteem and a little bit of depression when entering 2020 it’s been hard because I always want to put on a happy face to everyone but inside I still struggle. It’s been hard to become motivated since all I wanna do is sometimes hide from the world and deal with my issues, but recently it’s been getting better, I’ve been more motivated to do things since I’ve changed my medication and I have amazing friends and family who are there to encourage me when I’m having bad days. Hearing the news about the passing about Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the other passengers made me think.. here I am being upset about things I could change and people lost their loved ones and will never see them again. Then, I start to think.. why did I get upset over someone not texting me back, someone ghosting me, not getting a call back from the job I wanted, and feeling so bad about myself. I should be grateful for the friends and family who stayed with me through my hard times and know that the people who are in my life didn’t leave and wanted to stay to see me get better everyday. Hearing the news, kind of shook me out of this funk I’ve been staying in for a couple of days and I’ve noticed it’s been affecting myself and the others around me. I just want every to know they should feel grateful everyday and never take anything for granted. Try to escape your mind, and spend time with friends and family ! They love you the way you are ! Focus on yourself and work to be the best Version of you . If the person you been talking to hasn’t really reached out to you, keep yourself focused and determined on your goals you will meet new people and friends along the way ! Also, what I always say there is a reason you’re on this earth to make a impact on the world and you’re loved by everyone even if your having the worst day just remember tomorrow is a new day! And it’s your decision to change it and create memories ! Thank you for my rant and I haven’t written in a while but I’m focused and back on my goals ! Love to all !

Brooke ❤

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