Somewhere Between Nostalgia and Paradise

I am better, better off here. Things were blurry, but now they’re clear Now they’re clear. I am better, better off here..

Shoffy “Somewhere between Nostalgia and Paradise”

Hi Everyone ! It has been a minute since the last time I had written anything (2 months basically) A lot has happened in the past couple of months. Recently I have been focusing more on photography and gotten a camera.. been practicing everyday going out and taking so many pictures ! So I wanted to combined my two passions Photography and Writing together ! I decided to start a new project on my blog about my photography !! So I wanted to talk about my trip to California, and how I begin my process of taking photos ! Hope you guys enjoy !

On my Second day in California, I had went out to Carlsbad, California ! On my way there I decided to put on my headphones and listen to this album called “Somewhere between Nostalgia and Paradise” by Shoffy ! Sometimes when I am driving/riding around in the car I always love to zone out and appreciate the scenery around me.. So when I was driving in Carlsbad, I saw this beautiful house and had to take a photo of it (too pretty not to take a photo of so quickly had to snag it while driving) and thats where the whole “Paradise” had entered into my mind.. how we view beauty of nice houses, weather, materialistic things, and everything else that we don’t experience in our daily lives we view it as “Paradise” wishing we can live like that or experience that type of life ! After leaving the car I started to walk around before eating dinner to explore around Carlsbad (aka taking photos) when I was walking and I spotted this vintage public phone near by, which was crazy I haven’t seen anything like that in such a long time ! So that is where the “Nostalgia” kicked in, when we are little we are so amazed by the little things in life. I don’t want to label every kid has did that but when we are little we are so amazed by the world. Sometimes as adults, we don’t focus on the simple things in life we are only concentrated on expensive things ! That is why I created this story out of the photos I had taken out of Carlsbad, to remind everything “Paradise” isnt the main resource for happiness there is more to life than that ! Anyways, thank you all for taking the time to read this post !! Expect more in the future!!


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