Brooke Walsh

Ever since I was younger, I always had an interest in Photography. Growing up, My Dad was the main reason I wanted to Pursue a Career in the Creative Field. He would always be carrying around a camera, creating photo/video memories of our trips and holidays. I loved to watch him when he would edit the videos/photos, Id sit next to him and always see his process on editing his work. As I got older, when it was Thanksgiving around 2010 I was at my aunts house and started to play around with my dad’s canon t2i and couldn’t stop taking photos around the house. I loved how excited I was, showing everyone around the house with the photos Ive taken and wanted to pursue a career in that moment. But, I remember when I told my job coach in highschool she proceeded to tell me I wasn’t going to make that much money doing that so I felt discouraged and proceeded to go with my other career choice which was being a teacher.

My love for Photography resurfaced back when I was in my last semester in College. Realizing I didn’t want to pursue a career in Education was very tough for me because I felt so lost, I wondered “What was my purpose, What am I good at, and Will I ever be good at anything?” Post- Graduation I started to dabble into writing, even consider becoming a yoga teacher, and even thought going back to school to become a medical assistant. During this time I got a new IPhone and the camera quality was amazing. I started to take photos constantly, going out and just taking photos of nature or my friends. Taking a whole summer to work on photography and expanding into making video montages with my friends it made me realize this is what I wanted to do in my life. I created this website to show off my work, and get an idea of how I am as a photographer.